Welcome to Lune Valley Textiles.  Several years ago I attended a day workshop which enabled attendees to have a go at weaving a scarf in a day.  Well, little did I know what that would lead to!  It sparked something in me and since then I have attended many workshops and have become passionate (ok maybe addicted) to weaving.  So much so that it has culminated in the purchase of a number of looms, but most importantly a Hattersley Domestic Loom, ironically made locally but shipped to the Isle of Harris 70 years ago!  I call him Norman due to the fact that when we put the final piece in place (the Sley) it had Norman scratched into the wood.  The name fits him perfectly.  He is a bit on the cantankerous and temperamental side and he teaches me much more than mere weaving; patience being top of the list!

In addition to woven items and fabrics, there are the luxury knitwear pieces made on old Japanese Domestic Knitting Machines.  Anyone who thinks that knitting on a knitting machine instead of hand knitting is easy, has never actually tried to use one! What is it about old machines that has me so drawn in to using them?! Sometimes, I do wonder! I think it is that partly I like the challenge but also really admire that they are amazing pieces of engineering.  

I live in a small hamlet in the Lune Valley and am always taken by surprise by the beauty of this area.  It was an obvious name for the business given that it shapes the way I work.  The Lune Valley itself stretches from Tebay down to Lancaster and gives me plenty of inspiration; the landscape changing with the seasons, the local stone dry walls, the Herdwick's, the Fell ponies all contribute to providing a plethora of ideas.  I absolutely love the Lune Valley it is so beautiful and harsh and comforting all at the same time.


It's not hard to see that Lune Valley Textiles has come about because I really love wool!  I love the feel, the tones and the limitless ways that it can be used to create something gorgeous and it’s important to me to source the very best of materials.  That’s why I use 100% lambswool, spun in the UK from the beautiful Merino sheep of Australia and New Zealand.  It is so soft and wearable and comes in such gorgeous colours they are hard to resist.  

I live and work here and I want to share with everyone the amazing attributes of the Lune Valley represented through my textiles.  I offer one-off and small batch items on my website and pieces are either woven or knitted.


My mother taught me that if you are going to go to the trouble of making something by hand, use the finest materials you can find as you will always be proud of it!  This is my mantra when designing and creating items for you to buy and wear from Lune Valley Textiles.